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Download now the book where a group of marketers have shared their opinions on how to make a successful collaboration between Brands and YouTubers.
The goal is not to get the same idea from different people, but a variety of insights in order to help define how to create a successful collaboration between brands and YouTubers. So, What Should Brands Do with YouTubers? You’ll find out in the book.

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Iván Fanego

“Everybody hates advertising, but not those that work on it. How did we get to that point? Letting that brands and agencies (if you’re reading it’s possible that you have some blame, so join the club) burn any new medium without mercy. Borja wants to prevent YouTube from ending up like the TV: a silly box overexploited by marketers. This book is the first step.”

Iván Fanego — Creator at 2geeks1city & AppCritic

“This book and the work Borja has done is more than necessary to open the minds of many companies, to think outside the box, to be disruptive… All aligned in a way to create relationships, to think in the customer as a person and not as a number to sell, and understand how the development of new figures like YouTubers are becoming a very powerful tool for most businesses.”

Juan Merodio— Blogger, Speaker & International Advisor

Juan Merodio
Ana Reyes

“This book is proof that Borja has vision, determination and passion—highly valued and scarce competences today.”

Ana Reyes— Marketing and Neuromarketing lecturer at URJC

“This book contains the vision and experience of professionals who are constantly innovating to remain at the top in this industry. Must read for online video lovers and influencers.”

Juanjo Artero— Founder & CEO at Hitsbook Group

Juanjo Artero
Tamara Lucas

“In the face of new forms of content consumption, why do we bother to tease the movie with intrusive ads? In this book, Borja takes a first step by defining new forms of collaboration between brands and content creators.”

Tamara Lucas— Senior Manager at The Conversationalist Agency & Founder of

“Borja has asked a number of branding experts and content creators to share their opinion on the topic, which 10 years ago wouldn’t even have existed. He has collected the answers and created a book, in which we share what we know about how brands should collaborate with YouTubers and other influencers. Be ready for many points of view representing different sides of the same story. Can’t wait to read it!”

Magda Adamska— Founder at BrandStruck

Magda Adamska
Ana Miguélez

“Advertising tackles us, pursues us everyday, on the streets, on our phones, on magazines, newspapers, television and … On YouTube! What if…. Instead of making a kind of intrusive advertising, that annoys, that nobody wants to watch, that is bad… We would make advertising that ADDS value to the user? This book is right about that, does it sound good to you?”

Ana Miguélez— Head of Digital Marketing at Wakyma