Welcome to Tarsye!

Hello everyone, welcome to Tarsye.

PaperKup is a new company with a specific mission: Confronting the TV industry practices that are corrupting the influencer industry. And we’ll do this by helping you with products to avoid the interruption-game and level up your work.

This idea came out of a project I’m working on right now. A book called What Should Brands Do with YouTubers? where I’m gathering marketers to share their thoughts on the relationship between brands and YouTubers. (Check it here.)

I’ve noticed two things with this project:

1. The advertising industry is busted.

2. Influencer marketing is growing a lot, and brands treat it TV-celebrities.

I believe the influencer industry is on a tipping point right now… And this can only end one of two ways: (1) We improve the obsolete interruption-marketing approach. Or (2) the industry gets out of control and go full throttle with the same model as TV worked for decades.

It’s time to level up.


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