Welcome, PaperKup! New Name, New Product

You’ve probably haven’t heard about Tarsye for a couple of weeks, but I’ve got big news right now. A new name, and a new product.

In the next few weeks you’ll find more news in this blog, but so far, this is what we’re up to:

What’s our vision for the future?

First off, I want to share with you our world-view, and the reason our products exist.

The main purpose of PaperKup is to help expedite the move from an Internet based on interruption, towards modern marketing practices. Marketing for people, not to them. That’s what drives this company.

It turns out that one of the biggest issues is happening right now on the influencer industry, due to a lack of communication between brands, agencies and influencers, plus a lack of ethics. And that’s a problem that leads to bad results for both parties, putting everybody’s reputation on the hook.

So our main goal right now is to help every party to create and maintain successful relationships. A platform where brands, agencies and influencers can communicate and collaborate better.

Why a new name?

Let’s be honest here… Tarsye is a tough name to remember, pronounce and recommend. That’s why from now on, Tarsye is the name of our mascot. PaperKup will be the name for our main product and website.

Why PaperKup? … Paper cups? Yeap.

Do you remember when you play as a kid with disposable cups and use them as telephones? (If you didn’t, you haven’t had childhood!)

It was so easy to communicate with somebody (well, at least with the kid in the next room)… You had a direct line with somebody, outside noise was isolated and it was fun.

And that’s what is this thing about. Better communication leads to better campaigns. Better campaigns lead to better results, which ultimately make the Internet a better place.

What’s Paperkup?

PaperKup is a Microinfluencers Management Software where you can create campaigns and pay per performance.

For example, as a brand you can open a campaign in the platform, define your objectives and commissions and use our system to track results (more about this in a few days).

Thus microinfluencers get to sign up for your campaign. So, if they bring value to the table and get results, you pay them a percentage. If they don’t perform as expected (which will be defined in each campaign beforehand), you get to keep your money.

This is a product that rewards honesty and transparency—from both sides, brands, agencies and influencers.

Why just microinfluencers?

I think right now they are the ones who deserve this. PaperKup is a platform that’ll reward influencers who influence, the ones generating results. Since it’s based on performance they will be treated as the professionals they are.

If you like to spam, you’ll hate us.

If you like to take advantage of microinfluencers having problems to make ends meet, you’ll hate us too.

If you want to scam brands and agencies making smoke, you’ll have a hard time with us.

PaperKup is a product that rewards the ones doing things right.

Stay tuned. I think you’ll like the improvements you’ll get with this product. It’s coming soon.

Got questions? Leave a comment below or email me at borja@paperkup.

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