The Secret Tarsye Master Plan

What is this about?: Tarsye is a community of marketers who want to level up and do modern and ethical marketing. We believe in challenging the status quo. We believe if, we do things differently, we’ll get different results. The only way to make an impact is to put people first and marketing with and for them, not to them.

As you know, the initial product of Tarsye is a book called What Should Brands Do with YouTubers? However, some of you might not be aware that our long plan is to build a series of products, to help brands, agencies, YouTubers and everybody in between. This is because the main purpose of Tarsye is to help expedite the move from interruption marketing practices (used on TV for decades) towards modern marketing practices based on Permission (Seth Godin coined the term). Marketing for and with people, not to them. Which I believe to be the best way to contribute to society, and also get the results brands seek.

We want an Interruption Free World.

In order to make this happen, it’s critical to make a methodology without compromises, and that’s why we’re creating The Tarsye’s Methodology, designed to beat any strategy based on interruption. Then, by following this methodology, it increases brand’s trust and attention—scarce resources in today’s economy. And we’ll create some projects to prove its benefits with a few brands. Some might question whether this actually does any good for society if only a few brands choose to put into practice this methodology. Are we actually going to see results if only some brands participate? Will it actually make a difference if other players keep interrupting and spamming people?

The answer is no, but there’s a reason. The change we seek is big. Without doubt, we won’t be able to make it happen unless we make sure of two things: (1) brands pick the Interruption Free side and (2) establish a good foundation and grow it from there. Needless to say that, in order to make this change a reality, this methodology will be available for everyone, for free. We won’t hold any information that will help others to contribute to our cause. Alas, if we want to make sure everybody follows the right path, we’ll need more resources—not just money, but a way to perfection this methodology and democratize it. The strategy of Tarsye is to focus on brands, agencies and YouTubers/Influencers who are fighting for the same change we seek to see, and collaborate with them in order to move things forward. Then drive down market as fast as possible with a product where everybody can follow our methodology and get its benefits with or without our presence.

Without giving away too much, I can say that the second product aims to democratize this methodology so everybody—independently the size of the projects and the resources—can increase their trust and attention. And the third product will help Brands and Agencies, and YouTubers and everybody in between to get the benefits of The Tarsye’s Methodology, and work together, while contributing to move toward an Interruption Free World. Nonetheless, each one of these three steps are required to make it happen. That’s why all free cash flow will be reinvested in our products to market as fast as possible.

Now we have to address a repeated argument against modern marketing practices: why should we stop interrupting people if this gives us the results we seek? The answer is both, painful and essential:

It’s not comfortable to admit, but interrupting people is no longer cost-effective. What brands have been doing on TV for decades doesn’t work on YouTube. And here brands find themselves in the dilemma of growth and numbers. Yes, interrupting people still gives you numbers, but it is a short term solution for a certain death. And it’s getting worse. Sooner or later people will ask for real change, and brands that happen to be working on this transition will be the real winners… The future belongs to the ones establishing a foundation and following a process where people can market to each other.

It’s not only the right thing to do—it’s profitable too!

So, in short, Master Plan is:
Create The Tarsye’s Methodology and build some products and projects around it.
Use that money to democratize our methodology and build a product that helps everybody to follow it.
Use that money to build a product that helps brands, agencies, YouTubers and everybody in between to work together.
While doing above, also build a community of marketers that want to move things forward and contribute to Tarsye’s Mission.

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