PaperKup Makes it Easier

Instead of doing wrong bets and not getting results, pay per performance and get the performance you deserve. PaperKup creates win-win for everyone. It allows brands and agencies to pay per performance, so influencers can prove themselves and stand out.

1. Open a Campaign in our platorm.

Set your goals and conditions and that’s it. Then we help you to find microinfluencers who best match your campaign.

2. Microinfluencers sign up for your campaign.

We’ll suggest matches from, using our filtering system. If they want to participate, they sign up and you get a notification. Then you get to decide whether or not that person is good to go.

3. Customized instructions.

Each influencer receives customized instructions for your campaign, so we can know where each performance comes from.

4. Tracking the campaign.

We track your campaign for you, so you have a clear understanding of what’s going on at any time.

5. Pay influencers based on performance.

With the tracking system we’ll know how influencers have performed. So you pay them based on that–previously clarified in point #1.

If you’re wondering if you can level up your campaign with PaperKup… You betcha!